A message from Piers Lane

It is no surprise that the 2020 Australian Youth Classical Music Competition has had to be postponed until next year, along with the Sydney International Piano Competition and many others.


It’s hard on everybody who felt that this was ’their’ year, that everything was coming together at the right time for them to show themselves at their best. But if that’s the case for you, you’re in a great position to aim at next year instead! You’ll have extra experience and repertoire to call on - and perhaps too, a clearer idea of what you want from this competition and for your future generally.


This period of enforced reflection won’t go astray for us artistic souls. On the contrary, it is giving us all time to rest, to think, to read, to explore things we wouldn't usually have time for: indeed, to know ourselves better! That can only be good for our music-making. Onwards and upwards! And enjoy seeking the ideal sound for every phrase you play….

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