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Intending to apply?
Here's some tips from past adjudicators and finalists


"By making the finals, you're all winners.

We know you have mastered your instrument,

now show us something of you!"

Stephen McIntyre piano and adjudicator

Hannah V.jpg

‘Pick pieces that you love! That way your love of music will shine through your performance and the audience will enjoy the performance too.’ 

Hannah Phung violin, 2023 Regional finalist

"Not many people play a slow movement... we don’t need a million notes to assess a performance, just an experience of how deeply you feel the music and your ability to move us."

Elizabeth Sellars violin and adjudicator

Carol W.jpg

"You're competing against a mix of different instruments so you really need to sell your performance. I never dreamed a bassoon could do it... but there you go!"

Carol Wang bassoon, 2019 National winner

"Mistakes do not matter. I'd rather give an exciting performance with a glitch than a perfect but bland one. Remember to be you and enjoy yourself!"

Lily Bryant flute, 2022 National winner


"It's not about winning, it's the whole process of preparing, rehearsing and presenting yourself to an audience. It's essential experience."

Piers Lane AO piano and competition patron


"I never strive for perfection, because I will never attain it. And besides, where do you go from there? Always be the best you can. Tomorrow, you will be better.

Magdalenna Krstevska clarinet, National finalist


"Dress up nicely, but make sure you feel comfortable. The last thing you need is clothes that distract you."

James Zong piano, National finalist

Please read the competition Charter

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